Innovative Yoga Workout [10 MAY]

35 min  |  £15

Open your mind, spirit and body,

Yoga-Chan is a concept in which certain postures are used to stretch all the joints and muscles in the body. Open for all that know how far they can go in the various deep stretches, it's all about letting go of physical and emotional attachments that no longer serve us. Releasing tensions while surrendering, allowing our true blissful being to shine through. Focus on breath awareness.

You are likely to leave the class feeling taller, looser, and more relaxed. All levels welcome!


Benefits our Yoga classes:

* Anxiety control; * Elevation of self-esteem; * Combat insomnia, nervousness, stress, depression; * Relaxation of body and mind; * Increased concentration; * Reduces binge eating; * Relieves PMS and menopause disorders; * Increases body and mental flexibility; *Great Stress-reliever



35 min  |  £15