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The Ritz-Carlton, Bali - Club Lounge Ext

The Ritz carlton- bali

"What You Need to Know"

Filled with top-notch reviews this 5 stars hotel is packed with wonders. Since we arrived at night we headed straight to the award-winning "The Beach Grill" and if you are into fresh seafood in a casual beachfront setting, then you will feel right at home, hearing the waves while feeling relaxed and watching the sunset is everything you could expect.

Waking up to the sounds of birds was magical, our room had a view of the swimming pool which was extremely convenient due to the hot weather Bali provides.

In the afternoon we went to the hotel's "Barefoot BBQ Experience" which is the concept of having a private chef grill succulent and tender meat with a toe-in-sand sensation on the beach.

Going around Bali we quickly realized it has an overall artistic vibe and luckily for tourists, there are art galleries in almost every neighbourhood.

Balinese people are the friendliest and they will be open to talk and help anyone, this must be the effects of being surrounded by virtually every kind of natural beauty.

In conclusion, this hotel has a sophisticated menu that ranges from scallops and lobster linguine which have been carefully selected to represent the art that Bali is.

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